6 Best NA Beers for Dry January 2023

closeup of a head of beer in a glass.

Dry January, the biggest month for non-alcoholic beer, is finally upon us.

This month provides a collective opportunity for people to mindfully observe their drinking habits by abstaining from alcohol for 31 days, and as such wit’s probably the number 1 month for people discovering and exploring non-alcoholic beverages. Whether this is your first Dry January and you’re looking for a replacement for your favorite alcoholic beer, or you’re a returning participant and you’re looking to try something new, I’ve assembled a list of what I consider the best non-alcoholic beers to drink for Dry January 2023. 

This also isn’t your standard “best of” listicle consisting of random NA beers that the author googled 20 minutes beforehand – I curated these beers specifically for this month and the season. When relevant and practical, I chose slightly heavier, warmer beers with flavors that reflected the winter months (my stout selection is a great example of this). I also chose NAs that are more widely available than not in the US — if one of my all-time categorical favorites isn’t on here, there’s a good chance it’s because it would be difficult to find for many people reading this (and beer is no fun if you can’t drink it!) 

If you would like to see a general list of the best year-round non-alcoholic beers, then hang tight! That’s coming soon.

Best Hoppy

can of big drop paradiso on a table in front of a brick wall.
Big Drop


Hazy IPA

This is a crowded category with a lot of good options, but I’m giving Big Drop’s Paradiso IPA the nod here. I could definitely see an argument made for sipping a West Coast style IPA going through the winter, as the pine and resin notes seem like they would be just the right thing after a walk through the snow. However, I have yet to taste a truly next-level non-alcoholic West Coast IPA*, so I turned in the opposite direction for this list with a tasty hazy.

*Lagunitas makes their “IPNA,” which I personally enjoy, but it’s not the most archetypal model of a West Coast IPA that leans heavy on the bitter, piney, resiny hops. So while it’s tasty, I’m not recommending it to those that want to scratch that West Coast IPA itch.

Also Great 

Athletic Free Wave
Wellbeing Intentional IPA

Best Easy-Drinking

This is one of my favorite overall NA beers, and is an easy first place in the Easy-Drinking category. Zero Gravity’s pilsner has big grassy and bready notes, and just enough bitterness to keep things interesting. Tasting like an excellent “real” craft pilsner, it’s a versatile pairing for a wide variety of dishes.

Also Great

Big Drop Coba Maya

Best Wheat

bottles of weihenstephaner heffeweisen.



Best NA wheat beer for January? Gotta go with the classic German Weihenstephaner Hefe. Oldest brewery in the world, archetypal German beers, and solid non-alcoholic versions of their full-strength brews. This hefe has no big surprises, but it will leave you satisfied and reaching for another with its creamy body and citrus notes.

Best Macro-Replica

Looking for an NA beer that tastes like you’ve been drinking it for years already? Guinness 0.0 is both delicious in its own right, and an accurate analog to regular Guinness Draught. It also fits the mood of the season, delivering light chocolate and coffee notes with a splash of blackberry, all without the heaviness of some crazy adjunct stouts. 

Also Great

Heineken 0.0

Best Stout

can of wellbeing intrepid traveler.

Intrepid Traveler

Coffee Cream Brew

Out of all beer styles, I’m most excited to see how stouts develop as non-alcoholic beers. I feel like there’s a lot of potential in the space for creative adjuncts and recipes that can come together to make delicious drinks that don’t lack for want of alcohol, and I also see room for some next-level non-alcoholic, non-adjunct stouts. In the meantime, we do have some great options in the category.

For Dry January, I immediately went for the Wellbeing Intrepid Traveler Coffee Cream Stout. The winter spices fit the season perfectly, and the coffee blends with the spices and roasted malt flavors wonderfully.

Also Great

Athletic All Out, Guinness 0 (see above)

Best for First-Timers

Athletic is kind of like the gateway drug for non-alcoholic craft beer…if that makes any sense. They make lots of good – even great – beer, and they’re ubiquitous enough now that you usually don’t have to search around too much for them in most parts of the United States.

Upside Golden Dawn in particular will please most beer-drinkers with a balanced combination of an easy-drinking malt base and some light hop aromatics and bite to keep things interesting. If you had to buy one beer for a room full of both hop-heads and lager-lovers, this would be it.