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This is your source for trustworthy non-alcoholic beverage reviews, recipes, insights, and the latest industry news. We believe there’s a tasty drink out there waiting for everyone, and we want to help you find it.

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What Are We
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We love to sip on just about anything, but you’ll notice that Bendy Straw has a particular focus on non-alcoholic beer and other alcohol alternatives. More people are discovering that these drinks are legitimately delicious, and we want to be the guides that help everyone find the drink that’s just right for them. You’ll also see that we enjoy coffee, tea, seltzers, and other drinks that are non-alcoholic by default. These are interesting in their own right, but they also can end up playing a key role in creating non-alcoholic cocktails that delight.


Our goal is to help everyone explore and enjoy delicious beverages, for any time of day or situation. Whether you don’t consume alcohol at all, or you just want to add some non-alcoholic options to your personal repertoire, Bendy Straw is here to help you find something new to sip.

About Maxwell

Maxwell loves a damn good drink — regardless if it has alcohol or not — and he’s on a mission to put more damn good drinks in the hands of more people. He’s the founder of Bendy Straw, a former barista, current amateur bartender, and someone who wants to share his passion for non-alcoholic beverages with as many people as possible.

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