Bendy Straw is Live!

mixed drink with a bendy straw from above.


Hey everyone! Since you’re reading this, that means that Bendy Straw is live and open to the public! You can now check out our reviews and find a new tasty drink to try, keep up on the latest industry news, and learn more about making and enjoying beverages. We write about alcohol-alternatives and other non-alcoholic drinks, but from the perspective of beverage enthusiasts who still enjoy a conventional beer, wine, or cocktail from time to time.

orange drink with a straw.


Our goal is to help people discover and enjoy new non-alcoholic beverages. We want to spread the idea that you don’t need a particularly strong reason or a permanent lifestyle change to drink alcohol alternatives, and that there are plenty of great-tasting options out there to try.  Whether you’re not drinking alcohol for the rest of your life, a year, a month, a day, or just for the current round of drinks with your friends, there’s a tasty non-alcoholic beer, wine, or cocktail with your name on it. 


Bendy Straw is currently a small operation, which means we’re flexible and constantly improving. We already have a laundry list of planned additions and upgrades, and we gladly accept feedback, feature requests, and content requests through our social media contact form.

And if you enjoy our work, tell a friend! We want to help and entertain as many people as possible, and we can only achieve that with your help!