5 Best NA Beers for Sober October 2023

overflowing stein of beer.

Sober October, the little sibling to Dry January, is finally here!

Also known as Ocsober, this month provides another collective opportunity for people to mindfully observe their drinking habits by abstaining from alcohol for 31 days. Whether this is your first Sober October and you’re looking for a replacement for your favorite alcoholic beer, or you’re a returning participant and you’re looking to try something new, I’ve assembled a list of what I consider the best non-alcoholic beers to drink for Sober October 2023. Curated specifically for the season, this list contains something for everyone, so start scrolling and get sipping!

Best Beer for October

No 5D Parcheesi here; the best beer overall for October is an Oktoberfest/Festbier. Changing leaves and a crisp breeze with just a nip of cold goes perfectly with a malty, relatively easy-drinking lager and a bite of hops.

Athletic’s Oktoberfest is probably the most popular NA Festbier in the States, but Rescue Club gets a slight edge in my book. I find it perfectly crisp, with just enough malt underneath and a nice, light bite of hops on the finish.

Also Great 

Athletic Oktoberfest

Best Hoppy

cans of untitled art juicy ipa.
Untitled Art

Juicy IPA

Hazy IPA

We have a lot of choices here, but Untitled Art’s Juicy IPA has been living rent-free in my head for a while now. I could definitely see an argument made for sipping a West Coast style IPA going into fall, but I’m still waiting to try something truly next level in that category.

With tropical notes and a rich body, Untitled Art’s Juicy IPA is an immensely tasty sipper to say a bit more “goodbye” to summer rather than “hello” to fall. It’s currently my favorite NA IPA, and is definitely worth checking out.

Also Great 

Athletic Free Wave

Best Easy-Drinking

I’m a big fan of Rescue Club’s Pils for this category, but I’m going to slide Athletic’s Upside Dawn in here to match up with the season a little better. The Pils is a great choice year-round, delivering big grassy, bready character to each sip. Upside Dawn, on the other hand, leans a tad maltier. If you’re not downing an Oktoberfest beer, this is what you want after a brisk walk through the woods.

Also Great

Rescue Club Pils

Best Wheat

bottles of weihenstephaner heffeweisen.



Best NA wheat beer for October? Gotta go with the classic German Weihenstephaner Hefe. Oldest brewery in the world, archetypal German beers, and solid non-alcoholic versions of their full-strength brews. This hefe has no big surprises, but it will leave you satisfied and reaching for another with its creamy body and citrus notes.

Best Macro-Replica

Looking for an NA beer that tastes like you’ve been drinking it for years already? Guinness 0.0 is both delicious in its own right, and an accurate analog to regular Guinness Draught. It also fits the mood of the season, delivering light chocolate and coffee notes with a splash of blackberry, all without the heaviness of some crazy adjunct stouts. There’s a season for non-alcoholic stouts that can put you in a coma with all their additional flavors, but that’s coming up next – we’re not there yet.

Also Great

Heineken 0.0