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Athletic Oktoberfest Review


A malty, crowd-pleasing Oktoberfest.


Tasting Notes


Malt, a bit of honey. Very faint grass.


Malty. Pretzels. Honey wheat pretzels? Light maple sweetness. Typical Athletic malt base; wort flavor comes through a bit more compared to their other brews. Very light bitterness.


Light bitterness. Relatively clean.

By the Numbers


70 calories/12oz


<0.5% ABV (Non-Alcoholic)


Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Hops, Yeast

Oktoberfest is here!

As we gear up for another Oktoberfest an transition into Sober October, we’re taking a look at the Oktoberfest/Festbier from the biggest name in craft non-alcoholic beer. In short, it rides the classic Athletic malt base to an easy-drinking, refreshing finish that will pair nicely with all of the usual food suspects (sausages, pretzels, etc.)

What Does Oktoberfest Taste Like?

Pour a can or two in a stein (or another glass), and you’ll get lighter notes of malt, honey, and a grassy breeze on the nose. A sip delivers a medium, malty body that emphasizes pretzels, honey, and maybe a bit of maple sweetness. It definitely feels related to Upside Dawn, with more malt and less hops. As such, the mild wort flavor that is typical of a lot of Athletic’s beers is a bit more prominent in this expression. The finish is relatively clean and refreshing, with very light hop bitterness.

Keeping in theme with most of Athletic’s brews, this is a safe, widely-available NA Oktoberfest that many people will like. I wouldn’t mind a bit more complexity in the flavor profile, but I could start to buy the argument that this style is inherently designed to be drinkable and relatively simple. Overall, if you can find Rescue Club’s Oktoberfest in store, I’d give that a slight edge over this beer and would suggest trying it first. Those flavors come together just a bit more cohesively compared to those of Athletic’s version. Otherwise, this is a good option for the season. Buy a few 6-packs, and fill up some steins for you and your friends.

athletic oktoberfest can.

Where Can I Buy Athletic Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest can be found in liquor stores and grocery stores (including Whole Foods) across the US. However, you will always find the largest selection on their website, and you can even mix and match a case to try other Athletic brews that you’ve read about on Bendy Straw.

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