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Ripe Pursuit Review

Ripe Pursuit

A fun radler with loads of lemon and a great sweet/tart balance.


Tasting Notes


Lemon, wet straw, sweet malt. Not a ton of fresh lemon, more of a vanilla/lemon curd thing. Heady lemon zest/juice smell. Snow cone syrup?


Big punch of lemon, but more like lemon curd. Medium-full body. Kind of like a lemon curd pie. A bit of malt in the background. Sweetness and tartness play back and forth.


Sweetness and tartness continue to bounce back and forth. As it warms up a bit, tongue-clicking tartness takes over. Not overpowering.

By the Numbers


100 calories/12oz


<0.5% ABV (Non-Alcoholic)


Water, Wheat, Malted Barley, Lemon Concentrate, Cane Sugar, Hops, Natural Flavors, Yeast

Well this is fun.

Athletic Ripe Pursuit is a non-alcoholic Radler that’s bursting with bright, thick lemon flavors on top of a steady wheat beer base. It’s a tasty, refreshing sipper for summer days that I would recommend to lemon heads and citrusy beer fans alike on a porch, the beach, or anywhere else you can soak up some vitamin D.

What is a Radler?

A radler is a mixed drink traditionally composed of 50% beer and 50% lemon soda. Exact recipes vary based on where you are and who you ask, but it’s basically a variant of the Shandy (a mixture of beer and lemonade or some other lemon beverage). There’s an origin story usually told at this point about the style, involving a German innkeeper trying to quench the thirst of thousands of cyclists in the summer by cutting his beer supply with lemon soda, and Radlers are indeed a great drink to sip in the summer heat. Quenching and crushable, the classic version with alcohol is already low ABV, so it’s easier to replicate closely in completely non-alcoholic form.

athletic ripe pursuit can, box, and lemons.

Is Athletic’s Ripe Pursuit Radler Any Good?

Athletic struck a great balance of sweetness and tartness with this one that I really dig. Lemon definitely dominates all levels of this beer (this is not for anyone who wants “just a hint” of lemon), but in a way that plays nicely with the wheat beer underneath. It opens on the nose with hazy lemon, kind of like what would be lingering in the air if you were juicing and zesting a bunch of lemons on a humid day. The thick, frosty/syrupy smell of snow cones also comes to mind.

On the palate, you’re blasted with lemon curd, like in a lemon meringue pie, rather than a stark fresh lemon squeeze. The tart wheat beer component is present underneath, mainly adding body and depth. There is a bit of graham cracker that comes out from it, which really folds well into the lemon meringue pie idea. While the beer is cooler, you get an awesome dance between sweetness and tartness, where both pull back and forth without overpowering the other. As the beer warms, the acidity takes a more dominant role, but not overwhelmingly.

That dance continues through the finish, where the sweetness keeps popping its head out from under the tart. In the end, a tongue-clicking tartness will win out, and entice you to take another sip, repeatedly, until the can is gone.

Overall, this is a great summer beer, particularly if you’re a lemon addict. If the amount of lemon in Ripe Pursuit is a little too stiff for you, then I would encourage you to try making your own non-alcoholic radler. That way you can experiment with the type of beer, lemonade/sparkling lemonade, and the amount of each component. For beer, you could start with Athletic’s Downwinder Gose, Wit’s Peak Witbier, or a Helles like the new Geralt’s Gold. Options from other breweries include WellBeing’s Heavenly Body Golden Wheat, or Rescue Club’s Pils. Don’t overthink the beer selection; it’s being mixed with a strong flavor that will cover a lot up.

The lemon component would traditionally be sparkling lemonade, but you can also go with still lemonade for more of a Shandy vibe. Start with a 50/50 split, and mess with the mixture until you find your optimal blend!

can of athletic ripe pursuit.

Where Can I Buy Athletic Ripe Pursuit?

Athletic Ripe Pursuit can be found in liquor stores and grocery stores (including Whole Foods) across the US. However, you will always find the largest selection on their website, and you can even mix and match a case to try other Athletic brews that you’ve read about on Bendy Straw. And no more arriving to the store to find that they’re out of the exact beer you were looking for.

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