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Kit On Your Mark American Blonde Review

On Your Mark

A crisp, light, easy-drinking American Blonde out of Portland, ME


Tasting Notes


Fresh, orange grove, corn flakes, a little bread


Clementine, mandarin orange. Medium/light bitterness, slightly grassy. A little sticky. White bread. Tiny bit of white peach underneath


Light bitterness lingers. Sweet orange undertones disappear

What to drink when you want something like Athletic Upside Dawn…but different.

Bringing bright, punchy packaging and a tight core of beer styles to their welcome party, Kit NA is a newer N/A exclusive brewery out of Portland, Maine. While I’ve been able to find surprisingly little about their brand story, their outward-facing elements are reminiscent of Athletic – beers for the active lifestyle, for people who don’t want to be slowed down the morning after drinking, the go-getters, etc.

In fact, I found that I can’t help but keep making comparisons to the craft N/A beer giant through sampling these beers. Beyond branding and positioning, they have similar core lineups, and those individual beers taste remarkably similar to their cross-brand counterparts. Now, Athletic doesn’t have copyright on making “N/A beer for athletes,” and they didn’t invent the golden ale or the hazy IPA. But there are enough similarities between the brands that make me think this could be our first glimpse of the next generation of craft N/A brands, trying to iterate upon the past success of stalwarts like Athletic.

cans of kit na beer.

The Kit NA core lineup (and their entire lineup, for now) consists of an American Blonde ale, an IPA, and a Hazy IPA, named On Your Mark, Get Set, and Here We Go, respectively. Again, Athletic isn’t doing anything revolutionary by aligning their core lineup with the tastes and preferences of the American beer market, but it’s notable to mention that their bread and butter is similarly a golden ale, an IPA, and a Hazy IPA (Upside Dawn, Run Wild, and Free Wave). And as we’ll see, the similarities between these beers goes beyond just the general styles.

What’s in the Can?

Kit’s American Blonde starts off with fresh orange grove aromas, followed by sweet corn flakes and bread. On the palate, clementine and mandarin orange lead off, with peach and white bread giving way to grassy undertones. A medium-light bitterness reigns in the sweetness and lingers through the finish, while the sweet orange flavors come to a close.

label on can of kit american blonde.

Is Kit On Your Mark Any Good?

As I said at the top, this is a great beer if you enjoy Athletic’s Upside Dawn, but want something just a little different. This one is a little crisper, a little juicier, and a touch lighter than the classic Upside Dawn. It also doesn’t have Athletic’s trademark malt base flavor — a love-it-or-hate-it characteristic, that base carries some unfermented wort flavors under the body of most beers with the big A.

If you’re coming into this fresh and haven’t tried Upside Dawn, the blend of malt and orange flavors under relatively low bitterness make this a tasty crowd-pleaser that pairs well with a variety of Asian take-out dishes — think Kung Pao Chicken, Thai Curry, etc. Give it a shot.

three cans of kit na beer.