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Notch Craft Pils Review

Craft Pils

A great N/A from a brewery known for their classic European beers


Tasting Notes


Bread yeast, tiny pine, little zest, herbs


Yeast, herbal, anise; medium body. Grassy; light bitterness. Bitterness persists; doesn’t bite hard


Grassy; light bitterness

Notch hits the spot.

If you’re looking for classic European beer styles in the US, Notch is a brewery that should be on the top of your list. Their Craft Pils does a great job recreating a lot of the flavors you’ll find in their full-strength brews in non-alcoholic form, and it’s a more relaxed compliment to their more modern-leaning N/A hazy IPA.

What’s in the Can?

Notch’s Craft Pils will greet you with bread yeast, a tiny bit of pine, and some zesty herbs on the nose. The palate has a grassy bitterness that sits under a medium body, with yeast and herbal flavors – I was able to pick out a nice bit of anise/licorice in particular. The finish continues the grassy theme, with a light bitterness to close it out. 

can of notch non alcoholic craft pils.

Is Notch’s Craft Pils any Good?

This beer is a great choice out of the relatively narrow share of craft European-style N/A pilsners on the market right now. If you’re not already a fan of the family, then you can expect a relatively accessible style that is a great entry into craft beer from more basic macro lagers. Yet, it has enough complexity to satisfy enthusiasts, with lots of fresh, green flavors layered on top of a solid body and lighter bitterness. One of the better non-alcoholic pilsners out on the market right now.