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Notch Hazy IPA Review

Hazy IPA

A top-tier IPA from an intriguing brewery


Tasting Notes


Mango, fresh bread, light fresh hop haze


Mango gummies, medium body, hint of grassiness. Not quite as thick as Untitled Art, but some heft is there. Maybe a bit of orange juice. Juicy


Moderate bitterness, leans lighter. Lingers a little longer than expected. A little sweetness disappears at the very end

A great hazy from masters of classic European styles.

Notch’s Hazy IPA is a wonderfully juicy non-alcoholic IPA from a brewery in Salem, MA that breaks the mold of your typical American craft brewery. Bringing Old-World flavor to a saturated scene where double-hopped hazies, fruited sours and imperial stouts reign supreme, Notch specializes in pouring lower-ABV versions of European beer styles like Czech lagers, kölsches, and altbiers from side-pull taps. It’s a destination for anti-hype fans of classic styles with focused execution, as well as those in search of tasty low-ABV beers. I’m a fan of both of these, though It seems that Notch focuses more on the former, i.e. making good beer in a style that tends to be lower ABV, rather than actively marketing low-ABV beers to the mindful drinking/reduced consumption crowd (like an Athletic or Wellbeing does with N/A).

In the non-alcoholic sphere, Notch has an N/A Pilsner in addition to the Hazy IPA in question. Understandably, their N/A offerings have to have more broad appeal than something like a rauchbier or a dunkel, no matter how much I would love one of those with <0.5% ABV. So are they successful? Is Notch as good at N/A as they are at session beers? Let’s find out.

In The Can

Notch’s Hazy IPA opens with a pop of mango, fresh bread, and a light, fresh hop haze. When you take a sip, you’re greeted by a medium-full body that carries juicy tropical gummies, some orange juice, and a hint of grassiness. There’s a delightful hazy thickness that goes a long way towards making this taste like a conventional New England IPA. It doesn’t quite have the power of Untitled Art’s Hazy IPA, but man is it still good. Some moderate to lighter bitterness carries through the finish, lingering a bit longer than expected. A light sweetness closes everything out, but definitely not unpleasant.

This is definitely in the top tier of non-alcoholic New England/Hazy IPAs. I would welcome a touch more complexity and body, but I will happily reach for these regardless.

notch hazy ipa can and box.

Where Can I Buy Notch’s Hazy IPA?

As of late 2023, Notch distributes in the US throughout New England, New York, and New Jersey. If you can’t find them in your local liquor or grocery store, check out their website for distributors in your area.