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Untitled Art Juicy IPA Review

Juicy IPA

Thick hops, dense body. My current favorite non-alcoholic IPA.


Tasting Notes


Dense, hazy hops, like a well-hopped full-strength IPA (think Tree House, Toppling Goliath, Trillium, etc.). Ripe tropical fruit, a little orange/citrus. A little pop of vanilla? Maybe a bit of piña colada.


Wow! Thick, sweet. Tropical fruit, piña colada. Tropical gummies. Mild to moderate bitterness, very well balanced. Pleasantly thick and hefty body.


Mild to moderate bitterness lingers.

By the Numbers


55 calories/12oz


<0.5% ABV (Non-Alcoholic)


Citra & Mosaic

The hype is real.

I’m usually skeptical when I hear people gushing over the new “Best XYZ.” Whether it’s a beer, a restaurant, a whiskey, or an olive oil, I approach the hype cautiously, despite how much I enjoy trying new things. The Next Big Thing is often good, or even great, but is it really that much better than the rest of the pack? Particularly when factoring in the 3-month lead time for a dinner reservation at a popular spot, the shelf hunting for an allocated whiskey, or the midnight add-to-cart button mashing for a limited release, the hype can often kill the marginal improvements of the product and return the overall experience to the mean.

I’m not bemoaning this phenomenon in principal — it’s great that companies are creating things that a lot of people want, we’re so connected that information access is way cheaper and quicker than any type of product or service access, and people (myself included) really enjoy trying “the best” of a certain category. But at the end of the day, it still just sucks when I can’t even try XYZ thing because it just blew up on TikTok last week.

Stitching this all together with NA beer, the hype is definitely real when it comes to Untitled Art. It’s thankfully not exceedingly rare or exclusive, but it seems to be bandied about as one of the internet’s favorite NA brands. Having tried one for the first time, I definitely see where they’re coming from. 

How Good is Untitled Art’s Juicy IPA?

Cracking a can open fills your nose with dense, hazy, tropical hop aromas. They’re reminiscent of the upper echelon of hop-stuffed NEIPAs, which makes me super pumped to take a sip. Ripe tropical fruit and orange creamsicle give way to a light vanilla note, bringing to mind a piña colada. 

As great as the nose is, the palate is where this beer really hits it out of the park. Punchy tropical gummy flavors flow through a thick, sweet malt base, balanced by enough bitterness to keep it from being a sickly sweet mess. I’d go as far as to say that the body of this beer beats out some full-strength IPAs — despite lacking the bite and depth of alcohol, this brew has a rich body that would stand favorably against a decent number of IPAs on the market today. I also can’t stress enough how specifically close the mouthfeel is to that of top full-strength hazies, which is both exciting and a little mind-blowing.

The tropical trip ends with mild-to-moderate bitterness that lingers temporarily. I bet a hefty quantity of the Citra and Mosaic hops were used to supercharge the flavor of this beer, but they’re incorporated such that their bitterness isn’t overwhelming. 

Put simply, as of September 2023, this is my new favorite NA IPA. I’ve only had two others that maybe get close (Three Notch’d Hazy, Athletic Closer by the Mile), but this wins out by a comfortable margin. Untitled Art sets a new standard for craft NA beer, and we’re in for a treat if other breweries can catch up.

Pour Into One of These

untitle art juicy ipa can.

Where Can I Buy Untitled Art’s Juicy IPA?

You can order this beer online directly from the brewer in Wisconsin. They also have a product finder to find their beers in-store. Side note: my local distributor’s website, linked through Untitled Art’s site, wasn’t 100% accurate. I found some of their beers in stores not listed on their site, so your luck may vary too.